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The Partners

Frank has been with Collier and Brock since 1985. You will find Frank working mainly at the Troon surgery and one day a week at Irvine. Frank has a keen interest in general surgery and orthopaedics. His goals for our practice are to improve services and surgical techniques.

Pets: 'Jessie', a tortoiseshell cat and 'Ceilidh' a lab/retriever is his latest addition to the family.


Frank Brock

David joined Collier and Brock in 1989. A frustrated footballer, he used to to turn out regularly for Vets Old Boys Team against the students but age has seen that pleasure diminish to just the occasional match. David works mainly in the Irvine surgery where he is responsible for most of the surgery cases however his particular veterinary interest is cardiology.


David Galbraith

Jennifer has been working at Collier and Brock since 1983 and prior to that work experience with Lily Murphy in Troon. Her special interest is general small animal medicine. Jennifer can mainly be found working at the Troon surgery. She is kept busy with her small holding and breeding Belted Galloway cattle. Jennifer has 'special' old pets who mainly sleep - 'Faust' and 'Kashmire', two red cats that are 15 years old and 'Stroma', an 11 year old rough Jack Russell terrier.

Kelly Murdoch

'Kel' is the latest addition to our 'family'. Kelly has been with us since 2010, she enjoys internal medicine and plans to start developing skills in laboratory techniques providing more in-house investigations for our patients. Kel is a fun addition to the surgery.


Jennifer Talyor

Alison is a Senior Veterinary Assistant and has been with Collier and Brock since 1990 with a 4 year break part of which was living in USA. Alison works mainly in the Troon and Ayr surgeries and has become the vet we send all the 'small furries' and exotics to her as she is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about these increasingly popular pets. Alison also has an interest in acupuncture. In her spare time Alison can be found running (competitively), cycling, swimming and bird watching. When asked what her future plans are her answer was "to continue enjoying what I do." Alison has two cats 'Maisie' and 'Millie'.

Alison White

The Vets

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